AllTerra is an exclusive dealer of Trimble Geospatial solutions products for surveying, engineering, construction and utility, hydrography and hydraulic engineering, and government use.


Droprise and AllTerra engaged in a preferred partnership daar beide bedrijven een complementair productgamma aanbieden dat beantwoordt aan dezelfde filosofie en bedrijfswaarden.


Discover the advantages of AllTerra, and see why it is one of our preferred partners.

  • On-demand precision for every workflow
  • 1cm-100cm GNSS accuracy DA1 Antenna
  • Trimble Catalyst is a revolutionary GNSS concept that provides Trimble quality and accurate (1-2 cm) positioning for on-site personnel. With Catalyst, Trimble delivers professional positioning to a large customer base as an on-demand, user-based Thanks to this service, any location-based Androidfield app can harness the power of Trimble positioning technology and take advantage of the productivity improvements that that accurate positioning represents.
  • On-demand accuracy for any location-based field task, making use of the computing power and convenience of the Android device already in your pocket.
  • Supported by most modern Android phones and tablets.
  • Suitable for small, medium and large-scale field deployments thanks to flexible and scalable subscription formats.


  • The simple, lightweight, plug-and-play USB antenna delivers professional multi-frequency GNSS satellite tracking to the receiver.
  • Worldwide configuration-free access to Trimble correction services through the Trimble Corrections Hub, which bundles access to Trimble VRS Now and Trimble RTX services.
  • Supports connected and offline operation.
  • Choose your accuracy level: with four first-class accuracy levels (precision, decimetre, sub-metre and one metre) and ‘freemium’ mode (delivering basic performance range of 2-3 m), Catalyst users pay only for the level of accuracy they want, for the time they want to use it. Trimble’s professional GNSS corrections services come with first-class service, so all you have to do is choose your precision level.
  • Subscribe to Catalyst On Demand monthly or for just 10 hours annually, and cancel at any time.
  • Global service availability – Catalyst can be used virtually anywhere. Using a range of correction resources, including SBAS, Trimble RTX, and Trimble VRS networks, Catalyst delivers the accuracy you need worldwide.
  • Bring your own field app or use one of ours: apps are the key to Catalyst’s innovation. Any location-based workflow can take GNSS with high precision and add value or increase efficiency through the benefits of affordable, accessible precision. Choose from Trimble’s own Catalyst-ready apps, such as Trimble TerraFlex and Trimble Penmap for Android. Or bring your own app and see how Catalyst changes the way you work.