Drones for agriculture


Drones represent enormous added value in agriculture, horticulture and greenhouse horticulture, fruit production and similar areas. With their birds-eye perspective, agricultural drones can quickly and comprehensively reveal problems and challenges in the agricultural sector, from irrigation problems to soil variances and from disease to mould infestation.


Using multi-spectral, almost-infrared and visual spectrum imagery, agricultural drones can provide a clear overview of healthy and unhealthy crop areas. They enable the creation of images that show differences almost invisible to the naked eye.


Your drone can examine your crops at any required interval: weekly, daily or even hourly. With changes in your crops recorded over time, you can identify potential problem areas promptly to take preventive action, improve crop management and increase production.


Determine the right payload for your agricultural business.
Zenmuse XT2
Zenmuse Z30
Zenmuse XT2
Zenmuse X7

gimbals en drone accessoires

As drone experts, we can determine which gimbals and accessories are best for your agricultural business.
Zenmuse XT2
MicaSense RedEdge-MX
MicaSense Altum

D-RTK 2 Mobile Station
Trimble Catalyst

Drone software

Droprise does its utmost to provide a professional, efficient and economical range of drone software applications for use in agriculture.

DJI Terra

personal support


your experts

As your turnkey drone solutions experts, we are always on hand to share our knowledge and expertise and provide the best possible support.
Droprise has an outstanding vision on the development of professional drone applications. Thanks to Kristof’s experience in evaluating and finding solutions for specific cases and Ludovic’s experience as a manager, it is easy for the lead team to address customers’ needs professionally and accurately.

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