Drones for media, photography and film

Audiovisual and media

Moving into the third dimension brings a huge spectrum of new possibilities to the exciting world of media, photography and cinema.


Drones have become an increasingly popular asset in the film industry in recent years, and today they are used routinely in film shoots. Both mainstream and indie filmmakers use drones for aerial images, resulting in stunning shots with memorable impact.


There are many advantages to using drones in media, photography and film settings. Drones reduce production expenses by a factor of ten compared to helicopters and are extremely safe. Moreover, the unique perspectives that drones can capture enables users to produce outstanding images.


Determine the right payload for your audiovisual and media acitivities.
Zenmuse X5S
Zenmuse X7

gimbals en drone accessoires

As drone experts, we can determine which gimbals and accessories are best for your audiovisual and media activities.
Gremsy T3 Industrial V3
Ronin S
Ronin SC

Drone software

Droprise does its utmost to provide a professional, efficient and economical range of drone software applications for use in audiovisual and media activities.

personal support


your experts

As your turnkey drone solutions experts, we are always on hand to share our knowledge and expertise and provide the best possible support.
Droprise has an outstanding vision on the development of professional drone applications. Thanks to Kristof’s experience in evaluating and finding solutions for specific cases and Ludovic’s experience as a manager, it is easy for the lead team to address customers’ needs professionally and accurately.

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