Drones for security and protection

Security and protection

Drones contribute to public safety in an increasing number of sectors. They have become an essential element in the security strategies of policing bodies, fire protection services, governments and businesses.


Drones enable users to deploy affordable, easy-to-operate and analytically advanced teledetection technologies in line with the technical requirements of public security regulations.

Drone applications in support of security and protection range from search-and-rescue (SAR) operations, fighting structure or forest fires and providing HAZMAT response, to name just a few. In all of these situations experience has demonstrated that drones save lives, at a lower cost than current standard practice methods.


Determine the right payload for your security and protection activities.
Zenmuse XT2
Zenmuse Z30
Zenmuse X5S
Viewpro Z30TL

gimbals en drone accessoires

As drone experts, we can determine which gimbals and accessories are best for your security and protection activities.

Wingsland Z15 Spotlight
U10 UAV Methane Detector

Lorenz Technology
Trimble Catalyst
DJI Aeroscope
Tersec 4G

Drone software

Droprise besteedt de grootste aandacht om een professioneel, efficiënt en bedrijfseconomisch aanbod te verzorgen van drone software applicaties voor uw veiligheids- en beveiligings-toepassingen.

DJI Flighthub

Preferred partner

Droprise is pleased to spotlight its preferred partner in drone applications for security and protection.

personal support


your experts

As your turnkey drone solutions experts, we are always on hand to share our knowledge and expertise and provide the best possible support.
Droprise has an outstanding vision on the development of professional drone applications. Thanks to Kristof’s experience in evaluating and finding solutions for specific cases and Ludovic’s experience as a manager, it is easy for the lead team to address customers’ needs professionally and accurately.

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