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Drone applications are becoming steadily more important in the area of environmental protection and monitoring. Drones are invaluable tools for the management of rivers, water networks, nature reserves, coastal areas and forests. Their many uses include terrain mapping and surveying, tracking of coastal erosion, glacier modelling, population assessment, species identification and climate prediction.


Agricultural drones can quickly and comprehensively reveal problems and challenges in agriculture, horticulture, including greenhouse horticulture, fruit production and more. Multispectral imaging reveals data invisible to the naked eye, enabling you to take preventive action promptly and optimize crop management. The result? Greater production, reduced losses.


Architects, contractors and building companies benefit from the countless intelligence applications of drones such as digital workflows, measurement systems and enhanced project management. Flight planning and 3D modelling software illuminate every aspect of a site and ensure a problem-free design process. Moreover, drones can improve site safety, for example by enabling digital construction inspections.

industry, technology & logistics

Drones have myriad applications in industrial settings, from cycle counting to rapid track-and-trace operations at industrial sites and more. They are also essential part in a range of warehousing applications. In the field of logistics, drones are an efficient option for ‘bridging the last mile’.

security & protection

Businesses, governments, policing bodies and fire-protection services are all increasingly deploying drones for security and protection tasks. These range from search and rescue operations to property protection, but also include combating structure fires and forest fires and responding to HAZMAT emergencies. In all of these areas, drones are a technologically advanced, user-friendly, cost-efficient and effective solution for guaranteeing public safety.


Wind farms, solar farms, nuclear power plants: drones provide added value in every area of the energy sector. Drones have a number of particular advantages for use in this sector and offer optimum efficiency, safety and accessibility. With their ability to access very small and difficult-to-reach areas, they are ideal for economically effective inspection tasks.


Drones are extremely well suited for use in the maintenance of roads, railways, bridges, pipelines and other key infrastructure. Used for inspection, 3D measurement, mapping and countless other purposes, they both enhance the efficiency and optimization of processes and improve safety. Moreover, drones help prevent operational disruptions and reduce overall maintenance costs.

audiovisual & media

Moving into the third dimension brings a huge spectrum of new possibilities to the exciting world of media, photography and cinema. And the many creative possibilities offered by drones can open up unique perspectives such as spectacular aerial views. A drone can access locations and get shots that were previously almost impossible to film. And using them is not only easy and safe, but also helps keep costs down.


Drones play an important role in inspection tasks in every sector. For one thing, they are a fast, cost-effective solution for carrying out detailed inspections of small spaces, very large sites and hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, specially adapted drone models can be fitted with specific payloads to create a highly efficient, cost-reducing and safe tool with which to monitor your processes.

mapping & surveying

Mapping and surveying help improve the efficiency of your workflows. Mapping enables you to visualise your business processes, sites and surroundings so that you can respond pro-actively to both opportunities and threats. Surveying drones gather data quickly, safely and with outstanding location accuracy.
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