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DJI Inspire 2

The Inspire 2 drone is a solid choice for the photography and film industry. Designed with retractable landing gear, it enables you to capture any desired shot without the drone itself getting in the way.



Maximum takeoff weight: 4250g
Maximum flight time: 28 minutes (without payload)
Maximum wind tolerance: 10 m/s
Waterproof: no
Maximum speed: 94km/h
Maximum ascent speed: 6m/s
Maximum descent speed: 9m/s

Variable payload: yes (X5S, X7 available for hire)
Obstacle avoidance: yes
Power supply: dual battery

Retractable landing gear

Particularly suitable for professional photography and video work

Fast and agile



FPV camera




  • This model has a range of safety features, sensors, cameras and other measures to help ensure that every flight is safe.





A class 1A permit and valid light aircraft pilot licence (LAPL) are required. You may opt to book an initiation lesson to become acquainted with your vehicle and ensure that your operations are as efficient and cost-effective as possible from the moment your hire contract begins.

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