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Flyability Elios 2

The Elios 2 is designed to perform inspection flights in confined spaces. The vehicle is equipped with photo and video cameras and both thermal and laser rangefinders. Orientation and positioning take place using cameras and sensors.


Elios 2 is the most intuitive, reliable and accurate drone for indoor inspection tasks. Keep your employees out of the danger zone, and instead send in this drone for trouble-free inspections under hazardous conditions. Thanks to cutting-edge drone technology, you can be sure of gathering valuable data from the very first flight.




Dimensions                             Fits in a < 400mm sphere

Motors                                    4 fast-reversing, electric, brushless

Propellers                               4 propellers, 12.7cm

Take-off weight                     < 1450g; includes battery, payload & protection

Maximum flight time             Up to 10min

Maximum ascent speed         1.5m/s; 5ft/s

Maximum descent speed       1m/s; 3.3ft/s

Maximum speed                    1.3m/s (assist mode); 4.25ft/s 6.5 m/s (sport mode); 19.69ft/s

Maximum pitch angle            0.15 rad (attitude mode); 0.2 rad (assist mode); 0.3 rad (sport mode)

Maximum wind resistance     3m/s (assist mode); 9.85ft/s 5m/s (sport mode); 16.4ft/s





A class 1A permit and valid LAPL are not required for indoor flights, but please note that they are mandatory for all outdoor flights. We strongly recommend that you book an initiation lesson in order to become acquainted with your drone and to ensure you achieve the highest levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness from the very start of your hire contract.


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