DJI Matrice M30 Worry-Free Plus Combo

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The new DJI Matrice 30 is DJI Enterprise’s flagship drone that fits into a backpack. It integrates multiple high-performance sensors into a single camera payload, is controlled with an ingeniously redesigned remote control and uses the new Pilot 2 software, which significantly improves the flight experience.

With a coverage limit equivalent to the product’s value, an unlimited number of ree repair can be offered within one year after the product is activated. It also includeds a 1 standard maintenance service.

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The new DJI Matrice 30 – a powerful, versatile, transportable commercial drone

Apart from its outstanding performance and new size, the DJI M30 enables professionals to carry out flights beyond their immediate surroundings. The new M30 series is integrated with the FlightHub 2 fleet management cloud-based software and the DJI Dock for remote and unattended operations, bringing innovation in efficiency to various industries.


The M30 series comes in two versions, the M30 and the M30T. The M30 model includes a 48 megapixel 1/2-inch CMOS sensor zoom camera with 5×~16× optical and 200× digital zoom, a 12 megapixel wide-angle camera, 8K Photo 4K/30fps video resolution, and a laser rangefinder that can provide the exact coordinates of objects up to 1200 metres away.


The M30T has an additional 640x512px radiometric thermal camera.


A robust, safe and reliable aerial work platform with exceptional resistance

With protection class IP55, the M30 offers excellent performance in harsh conditions, in heavy rain, strong winds, high altitudes, even in icy and snowy conditions and extreme temperatures from -20° C to 50° C.
The DJI M30 also offers an enhanced first-person view pilot camera for low-light conditions, built-in redundancies and backup systems, three-propeller emergency landing, a Health Management System, and omnidirectional obstacle detection sensors allowing the pilot to focus on the mission.

The four-antenna OcuSync 3 Enterprise transmission provides strong redundancy and it supports LTE link backup (when available) , with the view of complex terrain or operating conditions.


Unlike other commercial drones, the DJI M30 has a foldable integrated lightweight design (3.7kg take-off weight) that can be easily unfolded, stored and carried anywhere. The new self-heating TB30 battery design can support at least 400 charge cycles and allows a flight time of 41 minutes.


With the smart BS30 charging cradle, the battery can be quickly recharged from 20% to 90% in 30 minutes. The M30 also has a new self-locking system and can be folded by pressing just one button. This makes it the fastest, easiest high-performance DJI Enterprise drone in the field.


User data protection: Secure and private throughout the flight

DJI Enterprise customers expect the highest standards of security and privacy for their data. The M30 offers best-in-class data security protocols based on DJI’s Matrice 300 V3 firmware


  • Offline updates allow future firmware updates to be performed completely offline. Firmware packages can be downloaded from the official DJI website and saved to external storage such as a microSD card, before being uploaded to the M30 and updated with DJI Pilot.
  • Local data mode works like the “aeroplane mode” on a phone by completely disconnecting the DJI M30 from the Internet so that all data remains in the drone only.
  • SD card AES encryption protects all photos, videos and flight logs stored on the microSD card by a security code and AES encryption.


The DJI RC Plus, the new flagship Enterprise remote control


The new DJI RC Plus remote control meets the high expectations of professional pilots. The DJI RC Plus has a 7-inch high-definition screen that allows pilots to see more visual information thanks to impressive brightness. As the DJI RC Plus is IP54 certified, similar to the M30 drone, it can be used in heavy rain.
The DJI RC Plus has six physical buttons under the control sticks next to the screen. They make piloting much easier and give control of mission-critical functions, such as switching between wide-angle, zoom, infrared and FPV views, without having to take your hands off the sticks.
The RC has an autonomy of 6 hours thanks to an internal battery and a replaceable external battery, preventing mission interruption. The DJI RC Plus features ports for microSD card, USB, HDMI, USB Type C and 4G connectivity (where available), for customers who need transmission redundancy.

The DJI RC Plus will be DJI’s new standard for enterprise remotes.

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