Flyability Elios 3

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Improve safety

Avoid entering confined spaces and working at height during visual inspections.


Reduce downtime

Turn days of asset downtime into hours.


Reduce costs

Save your financial resources where they are really needed.

Much more than a flying camera, Elios 3 is a powerful data harvesting tool.

FlyAware SLAM engine
SLAM-based stabilisation
3D Live Map
3D Reporting
3D surveying solution
Modular payload space
Crash resistant, robust design
Close-up inspection payload
Stable. No matter what the circumstances

The all-new SLAM-based stabilisation algorithm captures the smallest unpredictable movements of the drone and instructs the flight controller to compensate for them. This makes the drone float like a rock in the air even in the harshest conditions.

Impeccable positioning awareness

The built-in LiDAR of the Elios 3 scans the environment to build a high-density point cloud map. This map is immediately displayed in the Cockpit App, providing pilots with exceptional positioning awareness.

Always know where you are

The position of the drone is accurately determined, so the pilot can easily determine the optimal route to return home safely.

Assess inspection coverage

Cumulative map data shows the completeness of the map, so you can instantly assess your inspection coverage.

Understand where to focus your maintenance efforts

From data capture to decision making, Inspector 4.0 and Elios 3 work hand in hand to provide operational continuity:

Reporting is done intuitively on a 3D model of your asset.
Points of interest captured in flight are instantly available in a high-density point cloud, providing a reliable data localisation system.

Powered by FlyAware™

FlyAware™ is the unique combination of computer vision, LiDAR technology and a powerful NVidia graphics engine. It works like an indoor GPS and builds real-time 3D maps that allow the drone to instantly perceive its surroundings.

Do it all at once

The Elios 3 offers up to 12.5 minutes of flight time* so you can go the extra mile with every flight. With a new insert & lock mechanism, battery manipulations are easier than ever.
*Flight time without a payload mounted on the payload bay.


A versatile and future-proof inspection tool

The modular payload bay features two ports: one for the LiDAR and one for auxiliary payload. This unique integrated design provides air capabilities for a range of upcoming indoor applications.

Take the guesswork out of surveying operations

Mapping areas that are out of reach or too dangerous for people is very difficult but crucial to support operational decisions. Elios 3 and GeoSLAM Connect work hand in hand to map and survey the most inaccessible areas, so you can support your business decisions with accurate and precise data – in complete safety.

Surveying mapping

Turn Elios 3 LiDAR datasets into highly accurate 3D models with ± 2 cm accuracy thanks to a robust SLAM algorithm with loop closure and global optimisation.

Highly accurate measurements

Perform distance, area and volume measurements to support various applications in the mining, aggregates, infrastructure and utilities sectors.



Accurately compare any point on your map to its coordinates in the real world. Combine multiple models and merge data from different missions to get a consolidated view of your operations.

Key features
3D live map displayed in cockpit app on-the-fly for impeccable situational awareness
GeoSLAM Connect +/- 2 cm accuracy
Modular payload bay
LiDAR mapping in flight
FHD 1920 x 1080p @ 30 FPS with video on an 11-inch screen
Video, images & 3D model
4K/HD @ 30fps, 12MP photo 0.18 mm/px @ 30 cm distance, LiDAR data (.bag, .las)
Stable in 90% of inspection scenarios
Stabilisation based on FlyAware SLAM algorithm using VIO cameras & LiDAR data
High-density 3D point cloud immediately after flight without additional processing
Up to 16K Lumen, dustproof illumination
38cm x 48cm

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