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Drones for construction


Drones offer countless advantages for construction companies, builders and architects. A solid ecosystem of developers, system integrators and other technical specialists brings unique drone solutions within reach for businesses in the construction sector. Digitalization and intelligent drone applications ensure more efficient project management and more options for your teams.
Using drones means you can collect data faster, easier and more cost-effectively. Drones use flight planning and 3D modelling software to map out large construction locations, so project teams can easily locate the measurement data they need to evaluate large work sites.

Architects also benefit from the 3D models, BIM software and accurate, detailed data that drones can supply. Deploying a drone enables them to acquire extensive understanding of a site, while strong data ensures that the design process is straightforward and efficient.

Builders use drones to generate on-site data for documentation throughout the entire course of a project. Changes are easy to track. Moreover, drones can be used to create as-built models that show every change in close detail.

Drones can also contribute to safer, more efficient site inspections. In the past these often required by-hand actions such as the construction of scaffolding or rope-access installations to access a roof or platform. By contrast, a single drone flight can provide a complete picture of a situation in high-resolution imagery. Drones reduce on-site risks.

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