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Welcome to Droprise

Droprise® is your professional partner in the drone sector. We provide our customers with advice on sales, after-sales service and financing, offering tailor-made solutions for every business. Our analysis of a customer’s needs results in a plan that meets every specific requirement.​


We can’t say it often enough: our focus is on you, your teams and your business. We are committed and enthusiastic, providing you with the advice, service and help that you need to make the best decisions. Innovation, enthusiasm and efficiency are key for us, and we are eager to share all three with your company and your customers.

When an apple met a star

How did it all start? Ludovic Claeys and Kristof Beirnaert met at Droonhaavn, an ecosystem for the drone business. Both are class 1A pilots and both are passionate about drones, with plenty of experience in distribution and B2B / B2C service.

Ludovic was previously active in distribution, sales and service for Mercedes-Benz cars, delivery vans and trucks. He sold his Auto Terminus group in 2018. These days Ludovic is a board member in the Belgian Drone Federation and a member of the Belgian Civl Drone Council (BCDC), both of which positions enable him to be of service to drone pilots and improve perspectives in the sector

Kristof earned his stripes as a distributor for Apple®, where he was responsible for service activities for the group. Moving closer to his area of interest and looking for opportunities to build up a professional structure, he shifted to drones. As an enthusiastic technology and electronics specialist, he was the perfect person to help Droprise® shine as a reliable partner. Kristof is also an active member of BCDC, representing and supporting the interests of drone pilots and the sector.


Both Kristof and Ludovic are incredibly motivated! Both are born entrepreneurs with a passion for aviation. Together with their preferred partners they have developed a structure founded on know-how, commitment and quality.

Droprise. Higher perspectives. Further insights.​


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