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Drones for environmental apllications


More and more researchers, students and environmental technicians are discovering the advantages of drones for environmental monitoring and environmental protection tasks. Drones provide fast, easy and cost-effective data on demand, enabling more efficient management of nature reserves, forests, water networks, rivers and coastal areas.

Environmental applications for drones are extremely diverse. For instance, drones can be used for glacier modelling, coastal erosion tracking, species identification and population assessment, but also to study the effects of global warming. Still images can be combined with video to create 3D representations and maps for the prediction of an array of climate change effects such as rising sea levels in coastal areas.

Drones also play an important role in ensuring public safety. Specially equipped drone cameras and sensors can provide images and data pertaining to water levels, temperature, moisture levels and other indicators. Drones can identify areas at risk of flooding or other natural disasters and issue prompt warnings so that you can take pre-emptive action to limit damage.