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Emlid Flow 360 Survey (Yearly)

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    Mobile app for land survey

    Comes with a cloud-based service for keeping your data in sync.

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    Emlid Flow is a mobile app for iOS and Android that works seamlessly with a cloud-based service, Emlid Flow 360. The app handles all the fieldwork—receiver settings, data collection, coding, linework, and stakeout. All survey data is in sync with Emlid Flow 360 which allows you to access your projects from the browser, manage survey data and code lists. 

    The basic app and cloud functions come for free with a Standard subscription plan. The full list of features is available with the Survey plan for $25/month with an annual subscription—you can buy it in Emlid Flow 360.

    Collect and stake out points Standard

    Collect points and write detailed descriptions in a few taps. To create a project for data collection, choose your coordinate system from the library or enter its parameters manually. The app supports thousands of coordinate systems, projections, grids, and geoids.

    In the stakeout mode, the app displays East-North and straight-to-line distances, and supports cut and fill indications. A close-up alignment mode helps you to center precisely above the point.

    Coordinate systems based on WGS84, NAD83, GDA2020, and others

    Coding Survey

    To measure and describe objects, upload your custom code library or use a built-in one with more than a hundred codes. You can quickly switch between different object codes as the whole library is at your fingertips at all times. Easily create new codes on the fly right in your survey project.

    Collect and stake out lines Survey

    Create linework on the go, start new lines, and continue collecting existing ones. You can use either predefined geometry types or a full-blown code library. The linework is displayed right away, so you can always see how your project is progressing.

    During the stakeout, you can easily navigate to a line and check if it’s indicated correctly, stake out a line with an offset and with a chainage.

    Manage your projects in the cloud Standard

    The Emlid Flow app is synchronized with the Emlid Flow 360 service. This allows you to create and access survey projects, manage coordinate systems, export and import data using both the — mobile app and the cloud service at For data export and import, you can choose the suitable format to use in your CAD, GIS, or other survey software. 

    Export and import formats

    CSV, DXF, and Shapefile

    Manage your code libraries Survey 

    Import your code library to Emlid Flow 360, and it is immediately available for your projects inside the Emlid Flow mobile app. No need to check if the latest version is on the collector, it all syncs automatically.